Innovate and Dominate: The Essence of PBPRO's Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

At PBPRO, we don't just craft pickleball paddles; we engineer game-changers. Founded in October 2020 by Simona Galik Moore, a former professional tennis player with a rich history in brand management and product design, PBPRO stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of pickleball. Our mission is clear—to grow the sport of pickleball globally by introducing top-quality equipment and fostering a community of players who share our passion.

Crafting Excellence: The PB Pro Difference

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in every aspect of our brand, and it shines brightly in our pickleball paddles. PBPRO currently boasts two exceptional lines—the Tour Line and the Infinity Line. Each paddle is a testament to our dedication to providing players with unparalleled performance and quality.

The Tour Line: Elevating Every Player's Game

Designed for players at every level—Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced—the Tour Line is the first generation of PB Pro Pickleball paddles. Simona Galik Moore's vision was clear—to develop top-quality paddles at every level and price point. Our Tour Line paddles redefine expectations, delivering performance comparable to paddles priced significantly higher.

The Tour Force and Tour Finesse, both Intermediate Level Paddles, priced at $119, have emerged as our all-time Best Sellers. Tested and approved by USA Pickleball, these paddles exemplify the perfect blend of power, control, and affordability.

The Infinity Line: A New Era in Premium Paddle Technology

Introducing the PB Pro Infinity Series—a revolutionary generation of premium pickleball paddles. The Infinity Line features a high-quality polypropylene core paired with Toray raw carbon fiber in pickleball paddle race, specifically the 'Toray T700.' This raw carbon fiber elevates the paddles to new heights, providing an unmatched feel for spin, power, and control. Fully approved by USA Pickleball, the Infinity Series is the epitome of innovation in the pickleball world.

Our Distribution Network: Bringing Excellence to Your Doorstep

To ensure that our paddles reach players far and wide, we have strategically partnered with notable retailers. Whether you're exploring options at Dick's Sporting Goods, Omega Sports,,,, or through various Pickleball and Tennis Clubs, PB Pro is making its mark across the nation. We believe that exceptional equipment should be easily accessible to all players, and our growing distribution network reflects this commitment.

Join the PB Pro Movement: Elevate Your Game, Support a Cause

When you choose PB Pro, you're not just selecting a carbon fiber pickleball paddle, you're joining a movement dedicated to innovation, excellence, and community impact. Whether you're a beginner exploring the Tour Line or a seasoned player embracing the cutting-edge technology of the Infinity Series, PB Pro is your partner in the pursuit of pickleball perfection. Innovate with us, dominate on the court, and be part of a brand that goes beyond the game—a brand that's redefining the essence of pickleball excellence.