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PBPRO Mix Pack - 4pc

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PBPRO Mix Pack was designed for people who want to test multiple paddles.  PBPRO Mix pack gives you the opportunity to play with 4 different paddles.

Tour Max: 16mm thick / 8.3 oz / Widebody Shape / Fiberglass
- Excellent Power and Control

Tour Finesse: 12.5mm thick / 7.9 oz / Classic Shape / Carbon Fiber
- Excellent for crafty players, male, female and youth.

Tour Widebody: 12.5mm thick / 8.3 oz / Widebody / Fiberglass
- Excellent all around control paddle

Tour Signature XL 16.0mm: 16mm thick / 8.0 oz / Longer Handle / Fiberglass
- Excellent for experienced players. 

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