Gear Up for RacquetX 2024: Where Inspiration Meets Innovation!

Miami is the ultimate destination for racquet sports aficionados this week, with the ATP Tour and WTA Miami Open heating up at the iconic Hard Rock Stadium. As players enter the thrilling second and third rounds, the excitement is palpable, resonating across the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium.

Meanwhile, the Association of Pickleball Players's Miami Open is generating buzz at the bustling Miami Beach Convention Center. Notably, RacquetX has seized the opportunity presented by overlapping schedules to host its inaugural event at the same venue.

This three-day extravaganza will unite leaders from various racquet sports sectors, spanning tennis, pickleball, ping pong, squash, badminton, and beyond. Proudly participating in the festivities, The Dink Pickleballwill showcase its presence.

Founder Thomas Shields of The Dink will lead a compelling panel discussion featuring esteemed figures from major pickleball organizations. Among them are Mike Nealy, the CEO of USA Pickleball; Bryce Morgan, the CMO of the PPA Tour; Tom Webb, the CMO of the Association of Pickleball Players; and Anne Worcester, Strategic Advisor and Board Member of Major League Pickleball.

This unprecedented gathering marks a historic moment in the pickleball community, as top leaders convene to share insights and expertise. The panel kicks off the event on Sunday, March 24, at 10:30 am ET, promising an enriching experience for all participants. Dive deeper into the event details here.

About RacquetX

RacquetX emerges as a premier festival, fostering intellectual exchange, networking opportunities, and immersive education, catering to stakeholders across the spectrum of the industry and fervent racquet sport devotees alike. Arriving in Miami concurrently with the prestigious Miami Open from March 24 to 26, 2024, the city braces for an exhilarating influx of racquet sports fervor.

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