The Tour Widebody is a line of paddles that offer nice balance between feel, comfort and control. Since many couples are getting into the game, we have designed HIS and HERS option. The difference between the two is the weight. HIS is 8.3 oz (Gray) and HERS is 7.8 oz (Pink).


The Tour Max paddle is for Intermediate / Advanced players who like nice balance between power and control. This paddle has a bigger sweet spot and is slightly thicker. It has an amazing feel, offers very solid control.

Tour Force 8.0 oz (Carbon Fiber) is our BEST seller. The rougher surface gives players opportunity to use controlled spins and slices.


The Tour Signature is our classic paddle that was designed for advanced / pro players. The paddle offers a great amount of power and control. Players with solid technique and ability to control the ball really like the Tour Signature paddles.