PBPRO Tour Max Green 8.3 oz Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle USAPA Approved


Get ready for a game-changing experience with the PBPRO Tour Max – the ultimate paddle designed for players seeking the perfect blend of power and control. Engineered with precision and innovation, the Tour Max boasts a widebody shape, a 16mm polypropylene core, and a semi-rough fiberglass surface, ensuring you dominate every aspect of your game, from baseline rallies to net play.

Benefits: Elevate Your Gameplay

  • Baseline Game: Unleash controlled power in your groundstrokes, giving you the edge in baseline exchanges.
  • Resets: Experience an unmatched feel when resetting the game at the net, showcasing your finesse and control.
  • Defense and Blocking: The larger sweetspot provides excellent control for defensive shots and blocking, enhancing your defensive prowess.
  • Attacking: Harness power when attacking opponents' weak shots, instilling confidence to put the ball away decisively.
  • Short Game: The expansive sweetspot offers precise control, while the paddle's roughness slows down the ball, giving you superior command over your dinks.

Specifications: A Marvel of Engineering

  • Weight: A balanced 8.3 oz, offering substantial heft for powerful shots without compromising control.
  • Core: Crafted from polypropylene, ensuring a responsive and dynamic gameplay experience.
  • Face: Enhanced with fiberglass, providing a perfect marriage of durability and performance.
  • Width: A generous 8 in, granting you ample surface area for optimal shot placement.
  • Length: Commanding at 16 in, extending your reach and coverage on the court.
  • Grip Circumference: A comfortable 4.25 in, ensuring a secure hold for strategic plays.
  • Grip Length: At 4.5 in, it accommodates various hand sizes for a customized grip.
  • Core Thickness: A robust 16mm, delivering a perfect balance of power and precision.

USA Pickleball Approved: Rest assured, the Tour Max has received the stamp of approval from USA Pickleball, attesting to its elite performance and adherence to the highest standards.

Get ready to revolutionize your game. Elevate your performance with the PBPRO Tour Max – where each shot is a masterpiece of power and precision.

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Customer Reviews

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Blake Kennexy
Won my PB Tour Pro. Paddle and Love it!

I played in a tournament in Daytona with my onyix evoke. I won my PB Pro tour Green at the raffle.. I love the PB tour and it’s the only paddle I have. I have both the Green and the orange Tour Force. I am glad they had a both at that event. Thanks PB Pro.

Love this paddle!

I use to be a tennis player, I played in college and now I am a Pickleball fanatic. I have have tried ever paddle under the sun and I found a great one in the the
PBPRO Tour Max. This paddle is the perfect weight to give you lots of power and then you can immediately to slow down the ball to hit unattackable dinks. My serve and returns have also improved since using the Tour Max, they are deeper now and that puts my opponents on the defense. I highly recommend this paddle if you want to win!


I am a former collegiate tennis player and just got into pickleball. I have tried various paddles and finally found one I LOVE! PB PRO Tour Max has a widebody shape and is thicker (16mm). It gives me great control and excellent touch. Amazing paddle for tennis players as it allows for a seamless transition from tennis to pickleball strokes. I enjoy pickleball even more than when I first started and can’t imagine playing with any other paddle! 100% recommend.

Michael Corthum/Forest Oaks/Racket Sports
PBPRO Paddles

My name is Michael Corthum have been a Tennis Pro for 30 years. I have been playing Pickleball for about a year now. I have tried different brands of paddles trying to find the one that fits my game. The TOUR MAX paddle has all Im looking for.. It has fantastic feel on touch shots in and around the kitchen . Provides good ball bite to generate spin on shots when needed. Plenty of power as well, I would say its an all court paddle and would encourage anyone from a tennis background to give it a go..