PBPRO Women's Performance Visor - All Black with Coral Logo

Introducing our PBPRO Performance Visor, the epitome of comfort and style for your on-court adventures. Engineered with the player in mind, this visor boasts a built-in sweatband for unparalleled comfort, ensuring you stay cool and collected during the most heated pickleball matches.

Experience 24 hours of continuous comfort, making this visor the perfect choice for long days on the court or under the sun. The innovative velcro closure, combined with an elastic band, provides a secure yet headache-free fit. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a visor that adapts to your unique needs.

Beyond its functional design, our Performance Visor stands out with stylish accents and beautiful red colors that effortlessly complement other PBPRO apparel and accessories. Don't just play the game – own the court with the PBPRO Performance Visor!


  • 24 hour Comfort
  • Performance Fabric
  • Built in sweatband
  • Velcro Closure