About Us

PBPRO stands as a beacon of professional excellence in the realm of pickleball, offering a stellar lineup of premium paddles, coordinated apparel, and top-notch accessories. Founded by Simona Galik Moore, a former professional and collegiate tennis ace who found her passion in pickleball, PBPRO emerged from a quest for a paddle that truly encapsulated the finesse and feel she honed on the tennis court.

In the vibrant autumn of 2020, PBPRO burst onto the scene, capturing attention with its innovative products. Across three generations of paddles, our commitment to quality and performance has remained unwavering.

Proudly, PBPRO stands among the few paddle manufacturers solely owned by women, a testament to our dedication to empowering women both on and off the court. We believe in the ethos of lifting others, inspired by the support we've received throughout our journey. Giving back is ingrained in our DNA.

With a focus on philanthropy, PBPRO champions causes aligned with our core values. From initiatives supporting women, children, and mental health to those dedicated to enhancing lives worldwide, we choose our charitable endeavors with care and consideration.

At the heart of PBPRO beats a mission to cultivate a global community united by the sheer joy of pickleball. We're not just about crafting exceptional gear; we're about fostering connections, spreading happiness, and making lives better, one game at a time.

Paddle Line Up: 

The Tour Series: 1st Gen

The Tour Line is featuring 10 meticulously crafted models tailored for players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Representing the inaugural generation of PBPRO Pickleball paddles, our primary objective was to engineer paddles of unparalleled quality across every tier and price bracket.

Remarkably, our $69 or $89 paddles deliver performance comparable to competitors priced at $149, making premium-quality equipment accessible to all players. Leading the pack are the Tour Force and Tour Finesse, intermediate-level paddles priced at $119, which have quickly become our best-selling models. Rest assured, all paddles have undergone rigorous testing and have received the stamp of approval from USA Pickleball.

The Infinity Series: T700 Raw Carbon

Introducing the PBPRO Infinity Series, a cutting-edge evolution in premium pickleball paddles. This dynamic lineup boasts a high-quality polypropylene core paired with Toray raw carbon fiber, setting a new standard for performance and innovation. With the incorporation of Toray T700 raw carbon fiber, these paddles deliver unparalleled spin, power, and control, elevating your game to new heights. Rest assured, the PBPRO Infinity Series has received full approval from USA Pickleball, ensuring its compliance with industry standards and regulations.

The Infinity NXTGEN: T700 Raw Carbon / Injected Foam

Prepare yourselves for the launch of the PBPRO Infinity NXTGEN, set to make its debut in Spring 2024. This innovative lineup features thermoformed paddles equipped with injected foam in the edgeguard, promising an unparalleled playing experience.

Building upon the success of the T700 Raw Carbon fiber, these paddles boast a semi-rough surface for enhanced grip and control. With a generous 16mm thickness, extended handle, and enlarged sweetspot, players can expect nothing short of optimal spin, power, and precision on the court. Get ready to elevate your game to new heights with the PBPRO Infinity NXTGEN.

The PROS: Jonny Pickleball PPA Pro Player

In 2024, we officially inked a professional contract with none other than Jonny Pickleball, renowned PPA Pro Player and Director of PPA Tour Camps.Jonny's values and goals closely align with ours, making him the perfect ambassador to help us elevate our brand within the professional pickleball community. With Jonny on board, we're not only expanding our reach but also fostering strong ties and relationships within diverse communities as we continue to grow.


In the coming years, our primary objective is to expand our distribution network through a variety of esteemed retailers. Presently, we are proud to collaborate with renowned outlets such as:

By forging partnerships with these reputable retailers, we aim to make our products more accessible to enthusiasts across the globe. Together, we strive to bring the excitement of pickleball to players of all levels, ensuring they have access to top-quality equipment wherever they play.