PBPRO His and Hers Pickleball Performance Hand Towels - 2 Pack

Introducing our PBPRO Hand Towel 2 Pack (his and hers) – the ultimate essential for practice and matches. This premium hand towel, boasting a compact size of 28.5 inches by 14 inches, is designed to be a must-have companion on the court. With its absorbent properties, it ensures you stay dry and focused during your most intense sessions.

Crafted for convenience, this towel is not only practical but also exudes a touch of luxury with its premium quality. The large PBPRO embroidered logo adds a stylish flair, making it a statement piece in your athletic gear collection. Plus, with a package size of one towel, it's easy to carry and perfect for those who prioritize both performance and portability. Never let your game slip with the PBPRO towel. 

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