PBPRO Premium Picklebal Overgrip 12 Pack - Blue

PBPRO Premium overgrips offer exceptional performance. This overgrip is sized to fit any pickleball paddle. It features a 0.6mm overgrip thickness for optimal comfort. Lined with a non-slip and moisture-absorbent finish keeps your hands dry so your grip won’t slip. You can easily peel and apply it to your paddle. It comes with variety of colors (white, blue, red, pink, orange, black, green, seafoam blue, and yellow). BPRO over grips will increase your control, maneuverability with a smooth and tacky surface so your grip won't slip.



  • The best pickleball grips in the market
  • Very durable
  • Perfectly sized for pickleball handles
  • Ultra comfort 
  • Great absorbancy

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