PBPRO Premium Pickleball Overgrip - Orange

Experience unparalleled performance with PBPRO Premium overgrips. Engineered to perfection, these overgrips are designed to accommodate any pickleball paddle with precision. Featuring a slim 0.6mm thickness, they offer an unmatched level of comfort during gameplay.

Crafted with a specialized non-slip and moisture-absorbent finish, these overgrips ensure your hands remain dry, preventing any unwanted slippage of your grip. The easy peel-and-apply design facilitates hassle-free application to your paddle, allowing you to focus entirely on your game.

Available in a spectrum of vibrant colors including white, blue, red, pink, orange, black, green, seafoam blue, and yellow, PBPRO overgrips not only enhance your control and maneuverability but also add a touch of personalized style to your equipment.

Elevate your performance on the court with PBPRO Premium overgrips, featuring a smooth and tacky surface that guarantees your grip remains steadfast throughout every game.


  • The best pickleball grips in the market
  • Perfectly sized for pickleball handles
  • Tapered end
  • 0.6mm thin
  • Ultra comfort 
  • Great absorbancy