PBPRO Tour Finesse - 2 Pack

Unleash Your Pickleball Potential with the PBPRO Tour Finesse: Grab the Exclusive 2-Pack Offer!

Dive into an extraordinary playing experience with our special offer – the PBPRO Tour Finesse 2-Pack. Meticulously crafted for intermediate players (3.0 - 4.5), this paddle is your ticket to absolute control and spin on the pickleball court. Pair it seamlessly with our seafoam backpack for the ultimate pickleball style.

Court-Tested Performance:

  • Baseline Brilliance: Dominate your returns and drives with excellent control, giving you the upper hand from the baseline.
  • Net Dominance: Navigate the net with confidence, as this paddle provides superior control for net play.
  • Third Shot Drop Mastery: Execute third shot drops with ease and confidence, utilizing the extra roughness for controlled spins.
  • Reset Supremacy: Perfect your resets effortlessly with this paddle's maneuverability, ensuring quick and controlled resets at the net.

Specifications that Redefine the Game:

  • Weight: 7.9 oz of precision engineering.
  • Core: Premium polypropylene for a responsive yet controlled feel.
  • Face: Premium Carbon Fiber, integrating Spin Control Technology.
  • Dimensions: 7.75 in width, 15.75 in length, and 0.49 in thickness (12.5mm).
  • Grip: A comfortable grip circumference of 4.25 in with a grip length of 4.5 in.

Elevate your pickleball game with the PBPRO Tour Finesse – where control, spin, and style converge. Seize the exclusive 2-Pack offer now and redefine your pickleball experience!

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