PBPRO Tour Max Lite 8.0 oz Seafoam Fiberglass Paddle USAPA Approved


Unlock your full potential on the court with the Tour Max Lite, meticulously crafted for players who demand the perfect equilibrium of POWER, CONTROL, and MANEUVERABILITY. Tailored for intermediate players, this paddle boasts an extraordinary feel that resonates particularly well with tennis players showcasing impeccable strokes. Weighing in as a middleweight at 8.0 oz, the Tour Max Lite is your gateway to an exceptional playing experience.

Unmatched Features for Unrivaled Performance:

  • Excellent Control Paddle: Command every aspect of the game with unparalleled control, dictating the pace with finesse.
  • Just Enough Power: Strike the ideal balance between power and finesse, ensuring your shots pack a punch without compromising precision.
  • Solid Feel at the Baseline: Transform your baseline play with a solid and responsive feel, elevating your groundstrokes to new heights.
  • Great for the Net Game: Dominate the net with confidence, knowing you have the perfect ally for quick and precise net play.

Specifications: Elevate Your Game

  • Core: Crafted from premium polypropylene, delivering a responsive and dynamic gameplay experience.
  • Face: Reinforced with fiberglass, ensuring durability and enhanced shot performance.
  • Grip Size: A comfortable 4.25 in, providing a secure hold for strategic plays.
  • Grip Length: At 4.5 in, accommodating various hand sizes for a customized grip.
  • Length: Commanding at 16 in, extending your reach and coverage on the court.
  • Core Thickness: A substantial 0.63 in, offering stability and power in every shot.
  • Weight: Perfectly balanced at 8.0 oz, striking the sweet spot for an optimal playing experience.

Elevate your game to new heights with the Tour Max Lite – the epitome of innovation, precision, and power. Experience the thrill of every shot as you command the court with this exceptional paddle designed for those who seek nothing but the best.