PBPRO Inks First Professional Player Deal in Partnership with Pickleball Pioneer Jonny Andrews

Brand Enters New Era by Partnering with a PPA Player and a Coach.

Charlotte, N.C. (January 30, 2024) – PBPRO®, a professional pickleball brand featuring professional paddles, coordinated apparel and accessories, has signed pickleball pioneer Jonny Andrews, widely known as “Jonny Pickleball,” the company announced today.

Andrews, who is the Director of Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) Camps, is the first professional player deal signed by PBPRO® and signals the next step in the growth for the pickleball brand founded in October 2020 by former professional tennis player Simona Galik Moore.

“After years of playing this sport I’m excited to be part of the PBPRO® team,” Andrews said. “Their grassroots approach aligns with my personal ideas and goals. PBPRO® is considerate of the player, no matter the level, in bringing state-of-the-art equipment to the community. With what I am doing with PPA camps and competing on the Pro Tour, this brand and their values is exactly what I want to represent.”

Andrews grew up traveling and competing in basketball, baseball, and tennis. While attending Florida Gulf Coast University, he made the decision to join the U.S. Army during a time of war. He was in the service as a Combat Arms Cavalry Scout stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. After deployment, he ended his time of service by returning to Florida, where he found pickleball in 2015 and never looked back.

“Jonny is one of the most driven athletes I have worked with,” said Andrews’ agent, Kim Bachrouche. “He gives every task and goal 100-percent effort. Whether he is teaching, competing, or collaborating, he always exceeds my expectations. I am excited for his new partnership with PBPRO®, as their collaboration has been so organic, already, and I know continued success will be achieved.”

PBPRO® has enjoyed tremendous progress and growth over the past two years. The Infinity T700 Raw Carbon Fiber Line caters to players with bigger ambitions who are constantly looking to improve their game. Additionally, PBPRO’s® Infinity Line has been well-received among intermediate and pro players as the demand continues to grow and the popularity of the game continues to explode.

“We are entering a new phase of growth and development with PBPRO®,” said company founder Simona Galik Moore. “We have made a great progress over the last three years developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art pickleball paddles, apparel, and accessories as we work to build a strong, sustainable brand over time. We feel we can take PBPRO® to the next level through partnership with Jonny, who is a respected professional player on the PPA Tour and a coach in the pickleball community. We will be launching new and innovative products in 2024 and we believe Jonny will be able to help us bring it to market with great success.

Andrews has worn many hats throughout the years and has had his hands on all aspects of the game. He is never known a stranger and has helped grow the sport along with many other great people. Andrews created his “Jonny Pickleball Show” to elevate awareness of the sport, and created a podcast called “Around the Post Show” focused on all pickleball topics without limits. Andrews also has written instructional and coaching curriculums for pickleball organizations throughout his career, and has won multiple pro medals as he continues to climb the rankings on the pro tour.

He most recently moved to Dallas and has become the Director of Programming/Camps for the PPA Tour, as well as Major League Pickleball (MLP). He will be leading training camps around the country during each PPA Tour stop. He is also a contracted professional athlete with the PPA Tour. Additionally, he will be one of the commentators of Grandstand Court for the PPA Tour.

About PBPRO:

PBPRO® is a professional pickleball brand, featuring professional paddles, coordinated apparel and accessories. Founded in October 2020 by Simona Galik Moore – a former professional tennis player (WTA) who fell in love with the sport and launched a successful business. The company has made great progress over the last three years through great products, innovation, and distribution. 

Contact: Simona G. Moore

Email: Info@pbpropickleball.com